Sym’Previus is a decision support software tool for predicting bacterial growth, growth/no growth boundaries and thermal inactivation. It also contains microbiological data fitting tools. The software makes it possible to take into account variability inherent to food products, processes and micro-organisms, as indicated in EC Regulation 2073-2005.

Sym’Previus is available online in both a free and a Premium version. The free version allows the use of the fitting tools while the Premium version (180€/year HT) also allows the use of the simulation tools. Note that all your results and settings are saved in your private user account, which ensures data confidentiality.

Simulation tools (Premium version only)

    • Simulations can be performed under fluctuating conditions (T°, pH,..)
      Presence/absence data can be input to estimate the prevalence and the distribution of initial contamination
      Challenge-test data can be input to calibrate model predictions to the food of interest
      Available for 9 pathogenic and 14 spoilage microorganisms

    • Available for7 pathogenic and 9 spoilage microorganisms

    • Simulations can be performed under changing temperature
      Models available 9 pathogenic and 22 spoilage microorganismes
      Models available for up to 5 individual strains

    • Calculation of the impact of each process step on growth/inactivation of a bacterial species
      Identification of critical steps in the manufacturing process
      Available for 9 pathogens

Fitting tools (free and Premium versions)