Partner tools

Predictive tools developed in partnership with Sym’Previus are listed below::

Affiliation to the phylogenetic group (I to VII) of Bacillus cereus

This tool uses the panC gene sequence to identify the phylogenetic group of a microbial isolate from the Group Bacillus cereus, according to the classification proposed by Guinebretière et al. (2008). The method consists in comparing the nucleotide sequence(s) of the panC gene with the sequences from a database and calculate the percentage of homology and the statistical significance of the matches.

Non-thermal inactivation models

This tool simulates the non-thermal inactivation of either Listeria monocytogenes or Salmonella as a function of temperature and pH in products (e. g. fermented products, fermented salted products,…) and for storage/process conditions that do not support the growth of these pathogens.


This tool simulates both the thermal inactivation of G. stearothermophilus and vitamin C. It thus makes it possible to optimize heat treatments by ensuring the safety and microbiological quality in relation with G. stearothermophilus while preserving the nutritional benefit associated with vitamin C.

Other tools under development will be available on this page soon.